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Draftday Bankroll Offer

The Stake: Sick of dealing with shady online US-facing poker sites? Daily fantasy sports offers a legal, skill-based way to wager online from the United States. Get $5 free to try out DraftDay with this stake.

The Room: From the team behind CardRunners, DraftDay is a top-tier online fantasy sports betting sites offering short-term leagues across all major sports.

Get Staked: New accounts only. Simply hit the "Signup" button below and make your account at DraftDay to take the $5 free draft challenge.

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About Poker Staking: Read Poker Staking 101 to learn about the basics of getting staked to play poker. Poker staking has been around as long as real-money poker itself. Poker players get staked to reduce variance and play bigger games. Backers like poker staking because it can make them a lot of money - if they pick the right player to stake. Partner Sites